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This COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the crucial role of data and the ability to analyze vast amounts of it in understanding the virus, monitoring and controlling its spread, planning and managing hospital capacity, treating patients, and racing to find a vaccine.

Making sense of all of the data in an extremely fragmented healthcare system is no small feat—and this is exactly where Datameer products shine.

Datameer is a powerful SaaS data transformation platform that runs in Snowflake – your modern, scalable cloud data warehouse – that combines to provide a highly scalable and flexible environment to transform your data into meaningful analytics.  With Datameer, you can:

  • Lets data architects build secure and HIPAA-compliant data transformations directly in Snowflake where the data stays secure and private,
  • Allow your non-technical analytics team members to work with your complex data without the need to write code using Datameer’s no-code and low-code data transformation interfaces,
  • Easily combine large volumes of captured data with master and other data to create context-rich, meaningful datasets for analysis,
  • Fully enrich analytics datasets to add even more flavor to your analysis using the diverse array of graphical formulas and functions,
  • Generate rich documentation and add user-supplied attributes, comments, tags, and more to share searchable knowledge about your data across the entire analytics community,
  • Use the catalog-like documentation features to crowd-source your data governance processes for greater data democratization and data literacy,
  • Maintain full audit trails of how data is transformed and used by the community to further enable your governance and compliance processes,
  • Deploy and execute data transformation models directly in Snowflake to gain the scalability your need over your large volumes of data while keeping compute and storage costs low.

Let’s explore the various ways Datameer helps healthcare organizations.

Transform Data in Snowflake With Datameer.


Healthcare Providers

Leading healthcare providers are on a digital transformation mission. Harnessing patients’ power, clinical, and operational data is the key to reach their goals of improving patient outcomes while streamlining operations and decreasing costs. To this end, many are slowly embracing the cloud so they can perform complex analytics and AI processes.

Leading healthcare organizations use Datameer as their data transformation hub directly in their Snowflake data cloud to enables analytics professionals, researchers, and clinicians to self-serve the data they need and model and visualize it across multi-cloud and hybrid data landscapes.

Healthcare Payers

To stay competitive, healthcare payers have to put data in the hands of teams so they can develop pricing options for their customers, design reimbursement models, generate ROI, build successful customer acquisition programs, lower administrative costs, manage risks, prevent fraud, and align reimbursements with care outcomes.

Today’s most effective insurers are modernizing their data and analytics technology stacks by moving to the cloud, in particular the Snowflake Data Cloud.  They use Datameer to migrate traditional on-premise data transformation workloads to the Snowflake Data Cloud and Datameer to easily create data models for new analytics in a self-serve manner to curate their own data sets without the help of IT while maintaining deep security and privacy.

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Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Genomics

Embedding analytics in all stages of the drug discovery, development, trials, manufacturing, and commercialization starts with making all data readily accessible, discoverable, and easy to manipulate for all domain and subject matter experts.

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“Sometimes, a company may undertake a long, painstaking effort to clean and link hundreds of data sets to find that only a handful was necessary or relevant to its business needs and strategic goals. A more measured approach can avoid white-elephant IT investments.”

McKinsey, How Pharma Can Accelerate Business Impact Through Advanced Analytics

Datameer lets domain experts create “data supersets” from diverse sources—whether they’re external, legacy systems, on-premises, or in the cloud— loaded into their Snowflake Data Cloud without coding using drag-and-drop simplicity and without having to duplicate or move any data.

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