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Financial Services Acquire New Customers, Increase Loyalty, Streamline Operations

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At Datameer, we understand the unique security, regulatory, and compliance obligations financial services firms and banking institutions face. Our vast experience working with financial services firms worldwide provides unique insights into these customers’ needs. From infrastructure to automation, financial services institutions have all the tools needed to create a modern, compliant, and secure BI environment with Datameer.

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Understand Your Customers

Analyzing customer interaction data from various sources such as transactions, CRM, and websites helps financial services companies truly understand its journey. With Spectrum’s secure pipelines and Spotlight’s advanced analytics capabilities, you can answer questions like which campaigns convert prospects to customers, how to get customers to use products more, and what behavior predicts churn.

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Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance mandates continue to evolve – and most involve the aggregation, analysis, and reporting of massive, diverse data sets that span business lines. Responding to the latest regulatory mandates is easy with Spectrum’s architecture and Spotlight’s accessibility, balancing the needs for rapid self-service analytics with enterprise-grade governance, access controls, and automation capabilities.

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Identify and Eliminate Fraud

Combining and analyzing large volumes of data like transactions, geo-location, merchant information, and more helps financial services companies identify anomalies and behavior patterns that signal potential fraud. With these insights, you can dramatically reduce the risk of fraud and tighten security.

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Managing Risk and Operating Efficiently

Operational risk mitigation is near the top of every bank’s operating plan. With your employees and your business operating at a more excellent pace and complexity level than ever, it’s critical to monitor and report on employee behaviors, key operational process performance, and other KPIs to ensure you mitigate risk.

The future of your organization is hidden in your data.

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