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Explore and Transform Datasets

Datameer, a fully managed SaaS offering, enables diverse teams of data analysts, engineers, and scientists to find, reuse, and create new datasets in minutes.

Explore and transform datasets inorder to:

  • Speed up Analytics Processes

    By allowing teams to find and re-use existing datasets

  • Create Fit-for-Purpose Datasets

    Enables teams of any SQL skill levels, to create the datasets they need for their specific analysis.

  • Ensure Data is Documented

    For better search, collaboration, and team handover

Books, Guides & Resources

Deep dive into data essentials about transformation, discovery, governance and data pipelines.


How to Accelerate BI Adoption on Snowflake

Have you spent long evenings and weekends building your data warehouse in Snowflake but are still struggling to get the rest of the organization to adopt it? Here is a sure way to get wider busines...

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What your modern data stack should look like - whitepaper

What Your Modern Data Stack Should Look Like &#...

Your modern data stack is the centerpiece of your analytics architecture. In this white paper we will explore what a modern data stack looks like, how each component is used, and the key considerat...

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Build Knowledge & Trust Featured

Why sharing knowledge about your data across yo...

Sharing knowledge about your data across your team leads to high-quality analytics. Knowledge about your data is everywhere.  Sharing this knowledge is essential for high-quality analytics and driv...

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