Designed for Hybrid Teams

The Datameer platform combines SQL and no-code tools to get everyone on your team involved.

Datameer - both interface

Designed for hybrid teams in order to:

  • Lower Data Engineering Costs

    Lower the workload and increase the productivity of your data engineering team.

  • Analytics & ML Projects Done Faster

    Get your entire team to help with data modeling and transformation to speed projects.

  • Reduce Errors

    Reduce the coding required to eliminate errors and ensure models are done right the first time.

White Papers, Guides & Resources

Deep dive into data essentials about transformation, discovery, governance and data pipelines.


How to Accelerate BI Adoption on Snowflake

Have you spent long evenings and weekends building your data warehouse in Snowflake but are still struggling to get the rest of the organization to adopt it? Here is a sure way to get wider busines...

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Large-Scale Pivot Tables in Snowflake with Data...

Pivot tables are an everyday operation all Excel users perform.  Business analysts using Excel will often Pivot their data to explore it, see how results are different as sliced across certain attr...

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How To Solve The Data Engineering Talent Shortage

The demand for data engineers has consistently been more significant than the supply ever since the job title was formalized in the mid-2010s.  According to recruiting firm Gensigma, “There are app...

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