Data Engineers & Developers

Build & Deliver with Speed and Confidence

Use Datameer’s hybrid SQL and no-code toolset to build data models and transformations faster and deploy them with confidence.


Datameer will deliver superior benefits to your data engineering team and help you deliver more analytics projects at a much faster pace.


Datameer’s unique tools and programmer-friendly features give you the agility you need produce more analytics-ready data for your business teams.

Deploy Trusted Data

Publish your data models into Snowflake with complete confidence using strong security, flexible governance, and auto-dcoumentation.


Data models and SQL are optimized for Snowflake and uses Snowflake’s elastic compute and storage for blazing fast performance.

The Results You Will Get

Eliminate extra components from your data stack to streamline your data pipelines and reduce costs.

Keep all your data in one place – Snowflake – and eliminate extra copies of data to simplify data management and governance.

Directly collaborate with your analyst colleagues to streamline analytics processes and ensure data correctness.


A collaborative environment for teams using SQL and No Code to explore, transform, and publish new models for reporting, analytics and ML

  • Hybrid SQL and no-code toolset
  • Wiki-style descriptions
  • Wizard-driven formula builder
  • Custom properties & attributes
  • Over 100 data transformation functions
  • Tagging & comments
  • SQL auto-complete
  • Auto-inventory of Snowflake data
  • Data profiling
  • Job scheduling
  • Interactive views of data
  • Views and Materialized Views
  • Component reuse
  • Governance-specific properties
  • Modular SQL coding
  • Role-based security
  • Version control
  • Full audit trails
  • Auto-generated documentation
  • Deploy models in Snowflake
  • Built-in catalog and semantic layern
  • Models executed in Snowflake
  • System generated properties & metadata
  • Uses Snowflake compute and storage

Books, Guides & Resources

Deep dive into data essentials about transformation, discovery, governance and data pipelines.

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