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Cloud AI & Machine Learning Deliver Better Data Pipelines to Increase
the Accuracy of your AI & ML

Your AI and ML are only as good as the data you feed it. Give your data science and analytics teams the ability to use more data, improve precision, and provide governance and auditability to ensure you meet the growing regulations.

Key Capabilities

Datameer provides a rich array of capabilities to create and operationalize data transformation models that feed more and better data to your AI/ML processes and ensure you keep processes secure and well-governed.

No-Code, Low-Code, or Code

Datameer’s multi-persona toolset offers different UIs for different skills allowing non-technical personnel to transform data while at the same time make technical staff more efficient.

Deep Governance, Security and Auditability

Datameer has industry-leading governance and security features, including full data lineage, usage auditing, and integration with external governance tools to ensure your AI/ML pipelines are well-governed.


Snowflake Integration

Datameer data transformation is integrated directly into Snowflake, working data already loaded, transforming it into new AI/ML data models, and leveraging the cost-efficient compute and storage horsepower of Snowflake.

Key Outcomes

Faster AI/ML Analytical Cycles

Not only does data preparation become faster and easier, but the ability to explore data upfront and integration with downstream data science tools creates a virtuous, agile AL/ML analytical cycle.

Increased Accuracy and Usefulness of AI/ML

Feeding greater amounts and more useful data into your AI/ML models will increase the process’s precision and make your AI/ML more valuable to the business teams.

Meet Growing AI/ML Regulatory Requirements

With regulatory controls around AI/ML growing each year, you will be ahead of the curve to ensure you can consistently stay in compliance and eliminate potential fines.