Analytics Leader

Chief Financial Officer

Turn the expensive, time-wasting analytics model on its head to lower the cost and deliver more ROI from your analytics.

Value Propositions

  • Analytics Practitioner

    Lower Your Costs

    Eliminate the costly old-world analytics model of structured ETL and data warehouses with a modern virtual, collaborative, and cloud-based approach to analytics.

  • spotlight Analytics Leader

    Increase Your ROI

    Dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of your analytics community and make faster business decisions to deliver every day ROI from your analytics.

  • Analytics Practitioner point

    See More Business Value

    Use your data more effectively and dig deeper to find new and hidden insights to deliver more value to the business from analytics.

  • Analytics Practitioner

    Raise the Bar on Analytics

    Use collaboration and knowledge sharing to raise the level of your analytics program, increase data literacy, and make all your business decisions data-driven.

Key Features

Analytics Leader

Access data without costly ETL or data warehouses

Analytics Leader

Find and use the data you need to deliver faster results


Discover new ways to use data to deliver more value

Analytics Leader

Reuse existing data, BI and analytics investments

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