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How to merge two Explores in Looker?

  • Looker FAQs
  • January 21, 2018

To merge two or more explores in Looker, we can use the Looker Merge functionality.

We will create a single query from Explore and then combine other queries with the first query. Here the first query is called the primary query, and the subsequent queries are joined using a Left Join.

Outlined below are the steps to create a merge between explores:

  1. After creating the Primary Query, click the gear icon in Explore and then Select Merge Result.
  2. On the next page, Looker will provide you an option to choose the Explore using which you would create a secondary query:
  3. Once you have created the secondary Look, click save, and you will land upon the Merged Results page.

  4. Review the dimensions that Looker used to match the queries.
  5. Click Run to see the merged query results.
  6. You will be able to save this merged tile on a dashboard by clicking on the gear menu.

Limitations of Looker Merge:

  • The merge occurs on the result set produced by each individual explore, not in the SQL query.
  • If any merged explore results in more than 5000 records, the row numbers greater than 5000 will be excluded from the merge. Thereby producing unexpected results.
  • Looker Tech support discourages using a merge due to its limitations.
  • Looker Merge is limited to Left Join. You cannot implement other joins like inner join or outer join between Explores.

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