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Datameer Architecture

Datameer was architected with the future in mind. As the big data landscape continues to evolve, our open architecture means your investment is protected as new systems and standards are introduced.

How We're Different

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    We're Native

    While other big data analytics tools just connect to and copy data from Hadoop, Datameer is built from the ground up to take advantage of the unique analytics and schema-on-read processing power of Hadoop.

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    We Harmonize

    Datameer is a good big data citizen, sharing your Hadoop environment with other ecosystem components, interoperating with the full platform and its native APIs.

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    We're Open

    Datameer's big data architecture is built on top of a thin micro kernel foundation, with a collection of modules delivering unique functionality. This means we’re extremely flexible, extendable, and robust.

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    We Extend

    With a no-cost SDK included, writing custom plugins for import, and export, as well as custom functions and visualizations, is possible for any future need.

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    We REST

    All of Datameer’s major components are exposed through REST APIs so we are developer-friendly.


(Any) Hadoop Under the Hood

Choose any Hadoop distribution, and run it wherever you’d like, on-premises or in the cloud. It doesn’t matter to us, our big data platform will just run with it (and on it, of course).


Optimized Big Data Job Planning

Similar to database query planners, Datameer’s state-of-the-art job planner and optimizer takes the user input (a workbook) and, based on the data profile information gathered during import, plans the lowest number of processing jobs to execute the workbook. No thinking required.

Intelligent Data Processing? That’s Smart Execution

Do you know which execution engine will process your data most efficiently? The answer is, “it depends on the job.” Every. Single. Time. Sometimes it’s MapReduce, sometimes it’s Tez, sometimes it’s in-memory; let Smart Execution figure it out every time, so you don’t have to.

Personal $25 per month*Workgroup $1,599 per month*Professional Ask Us for pricingEnterprise Ask Us for pricing
Buy NowContact UsContact UsContact Us
License5GB per year500GB per year5TBVolume & Node Based
Users 1Up to 10Up to 25Unlimited
HadoopHadoop EmbeddedHadoop Embedded (Cloud)Hadoop-as-a-Service (Cloud)Any Hadoop distribution
Support AvailableCommunity Online SupportOnline, Email & PhoneOnline, Email & PhoneOnline, Email & Phone
Services AvailableOnline TrainingTraining & ConsultingTraining & ConsultingTraining & Consulting
Security MonitoringN/AN/AMonitoring, Security & NotificationEnterprise Grade Security & Monitoring
Full DetailsFull DetailsFull DetailsFull Details

Datameer Architecture Whitepaper

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Why a Future-Proof
Architecture Matters

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