Datameer Spotlight versus Alteryx

Datameer vs Alteryx
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What is Alteryx?

Alteryx is known as a self-service analytics tool for use with Tableau. Alteryx’s purpose is to have BI teams spend less time preparing data and invest more time analyzing data within Tableau.

All the processes used to prepare the data in a suitable format to perform the analysis are called ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), and Alteryx is software that makes this ETL process easier. Users can build their workflows, which are also called pipelines, in Alteryx by preparing data without any programming skills. It aims to speed up the data preparation process with drag and drop workflows and data cleansing techniques to produce pipelines to cleansed, formatted data.

After finalizing a workflow in Alteryx, it is “published” for downstream consumption. Published work streams are the pipelines to clean data. The workstreams can be exported to places such as cloud data platforms, directly to Tableau, or stored in a file.

Alteryx aims to have BI teams spend less time preparing data and invest more time analyzing data within Tableau.

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What is Datameer Spotlight?

Datameer Spotlight makes the analyst’s job easier, more efficient, and builds knowledge and collaboration for the entire analytics team. Datameer Spotlight is a SaaS offering that gives analytics teams easy access to all enterprise data and analytics assets—regardless of type or location and lets them discover, find, create, share, and collaborate on these analytics assets, building knowledge and trust along the way.

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As organizations generate more analytics assets, many teams struggle to make sense of their landscape —for example, what assets are available for analytics teams to use and reuse? Datameer Spotlight provides a collaborative environment where teams can share and reuse assets, collaborate to form new assets, and increase knowledge using familiar social media-like features and AI-augmented information about asset utilization.

Datameer Spotlight provides a single place where analytics teams can quickly discover all these analytics assets and understand which best solve their problem. Analysts and data scientists can search, find, and use more assets in their analysis to quickly produce actionable results.

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How Do Datameer Spotlight and Alteryx differ?

Datameer Spotlight has AI-augmented “prep” features to sharpen up data for analysis – for example, blends, filters, simple modeling, and even JSON transformations. Alteryx builds the data and creates executable pipelines to fill with data. You can see where there is some common ground between the two offerings. However, there are differences between the two offerings:

Datameer Spotlight Alteryx
Facilitates agile ad-hoc analysis.Creates operational data used to feed reports.
Datameer Spotlight is a direct query engine.Creates data pipelines that are run on schedules.
Integrates with a wide spectrum of upstream and downstream BI applications (Tableau, Looker, Python).Connects to Tableau for visualizations.
Reads output from any data prep tool for use on any operating system.Requires Windows to run.
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Used Together

Use Alteryx to combine and model large, complex datasets and its ETL engine to build and schedule data pipelines for use in Tableau. With Spotlight, all of your Alteryx data is automatically available with no additional development costs or maintenance required. Explore all the pipelines in Spotlight for fast ad-hoc analytics to confidently answer all those questions you have in front of you.

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So much data is stored on local computers. Use local data with your pipelines to make the whole analysis process better – and effectively use more of your data. Use Spotlight to connect to any data source, from your entire data lake, to Alteryx pipelines, to a simple spreadsheet on your computer. Enrich Alteryx’s data pipelines with supplemental data to find the knowledge you need to be successful.

Close the gap between departments using Spotlight’s built-in social collaboration and chat tools. And since Spotlight is cloud-based, you and your team can access all analytics resources from any OS. Spotlight connects natively with not only Tableau but other BI platforms such as Looker, Google Sheets, Excel, Power BI, and even Python notebooks, so you can work with those Alteryx pipelines in whichever BI tool you prefer.

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