Datameer Empowers Your BI Users With Big Data

Datameer integrates with your BI ecosystem to empower your BI analysts to explore unknown questions with new, unknown data. Deliver new pipelines from your ever growing volumes of data to discover feed your information hungry BI teams.

Deliver More Data to Your Analysts

Datameer’s makes it easy to create and manage business-driven data pipelines to feed curated datasets to analysts that need them. Empower your Tableau, PowerBI and other BI users to deliver faster, deeper insights to business teams.

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Bring Clarity to Your Data Lake

Data Lake

Your data lake is filled with a large volume of complex, raw data your BI tools and users can’t decipher. Datameer lets you bring clarity to your data lake by turning this raw information into business-ready information your BI analysts can consume faster.

Get the Complete Governance You Need

Strong yet flexible governance is an essential part of democratizing data to your wide range of BI users. Datameer’s advanced governance gives you the ultimate blend of control and sharing to empower your BI users while keeping data private and secure.

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Datameer and Tableau deliver an unbeatable combination. Datameer quickly and easily turns your data lake from a swampy mess into consumable information assets, and delivers it to your Tableau analysts who can discover new insights for greater business agility.

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Power BI

PowerBI is one of the fastest growing BI tools on the market, with an ever growing number of analysts turning data assets into new insights. Datameer integrates with PowerBI to deliver data pipelines that feed this ever growing community for faster, smarter insights.

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Power BI

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