Data Preparation

Data preparation is far more than cleansing and blending. You need a platform that covers the entire data lifecycle from ingestion to exploration to consumption and speeds your time to insight. You also need a process that allows your data engineers and business analysts to work together and create more valuable data assets to feed a new range of analytics.

Any Data Regardless of Complexity

Datameer makes it easy to ingest and integrate data with more than 70 sources and formats: structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Use our unique data links and retention policies to pull data on demand and reduce data copying, speeding your data pipelines.

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Data Prep Functionality

The Most Natural Interface – A Spreadsheet

Datameer’s intuitive and interactive spreadsheet-style interface enables any business analyst to transform, blend and enrich even the most complex data to create the rich data pipelines that will feed faster insights.

Data Prep Functionality

Visually Profile Your Data at Every Step

Visual Profile

As you build your data pipeline, visually profile and explore the data to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Interactive historgrams and visual exploration help you better understand the shape and quality of your data after every transformation.

Powerful Data Transformation Functions You Need

Every data set is different. That’s why Datameer offers a library of over 270 functions to help you get data prep done, ranging from basics like de-duping and normalizing, to sophisticated functions for extraction, text analytics, sessionization and geo-location mapping.

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Optimize Computation

Enrich Your Data Algorithmically

Datameer’s Smart Analytics uses advanced algorithms to discover hidden patterns within your data. This lets you enrich your data with behavior groupings, relationships and even recommendations. Interactively experiment with different data combinations by dragging and dropping attributes until you find the answer you’re looking for.

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Optimize Computation

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