Big Data Preparation

Curate Even the Most Complex Data

Data preparation is more than cleansing and blending. Your data is complex and you need to create a preparation pipeline that curates data, then enables you to share it with manageable governance. Datameer gives you what you need to make your data prep as seamless as it gets.

The Data Prep Functionality You Need

Every data set is different. That’s why Datameer offers a library of over 270 functions to help you get data prep done, ranging from generic basics like de-duping and normalizing, to sophisticated functions for extraction, text analytics, sessionization and geo-location mapping.

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Data Preperation Functionality

Visual Profile at Every Step

As you build your data pipeline, you can see a visual data profile to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. See types, uniqueness, mean and more on the flip side of every sheet, helping you better understand the shape and quality of your data after every transformation.

Iteratively Prepare, Analyze and Discover

Preparation, analysis and discovery are ever intertwined. Datameer unifies the three in a single interface and workflow that makes the entire analytic cycle faster and more efficient. Iteratively profile, prepare and analyze to discover the true nature of your data, and rapidly find answers to new questions.

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Smart Execution

Optimize the Overall Computation

End-to-end pipelines that include ingestion, preparation and analysis are far better optimized than disjointed ones from separate products. And for big data workloads crunching complex data, this gains significant processing time. In Datameer, the entire process is optimized for the resources available using Smart Execution—just one more way Datameer provides the fastest time to value.

TDWI Survey: Data Prep Best Practices

What are the attributes of effective data preparation? How do you overcome data prep challenges? TDWI surveyed more than 400 industry leaders to discover best practices on making data preparation more efficient.

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