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Big Data Preparation

Data preparation isn’t a commodity. It’s not a one-and-done experience. It’s not mindless, and it’s not cookie-cutter. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Yet a number of data-prep products treat it that way. Not Datameer.

The Data Prep Functionality You Need

Sure, there are common tasks in data preparation. That’s why Datameer offers a library of over 270 functions to help you get it done. Not just generic stuff like de-duping and removing extraneous characters, but functions built around common scenarios like extracting portions of Web links, sentiment analysis and geo-location.


Visual Profile at Every Step

From the moment you bring your data in to the time you visualize your results, a visual data profile of your data types, count, max, min, uniqueness, mean and average is on the flip side of every spreadsheet, helping you better understand the shape and quality of your data after every transformation.

Integrate, Prepare, Analyze, Prepare…

Datameer doesn’t merely provide both data preparation and analysis functionality, it unifies the two in a single interface and workflow. After you ingest your data using one of our 70+ connectors, visually profile it using Flipside, do your prep work on it and then do some analysis. You'll very likely think of more prep work you'd like to do, and Datameer makes that process easy.

On Preparation and Computation...

Integrating data preparation and analysis goes beyond workflow – it impacts computation as well. Processing your data prep requirements separately from your analysis means you lose out on processing efficiencies. And for big data workloads, that loss can be significant. In Datameer, your data preparation and analysis requirements are processed together — just one more way Datameer provides the fastest time to value.

TDWI Survey: Data Prep Best Practices

What are the attributes of effective data preparation? How do you overcome data prep challenges? TDWI surveyed more than 400 industry leaders to discover best practices on making data preparation more efficient.

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