IT / Data Engineer

Deliver true self-service to the analytics community and spend less time on mundane one-off data requests and get to more strategic projects.

Value Propostions

  • Reduce Data Backlogs

    Eliminate the backlog of one-off data requests and empower analytics teams with self-service data access.

  • Breakdown Data Silos

    Give analysts access to the myriads of data stuck in silos across the organization and allow them to produce insights faster.

  • Provide the Right Blend of Self-Service & Governance

    Deliver self-service access to analytics teams while maintaining the security and governance integrity of the source systems.

  • Faster, Easier Cloud Migration

    Simplify and speed cloud migration projects by allowing analysts to find the right data for new analytics to drive accurate, complete data engineering specifications.

Key Features

Self-service data access across disparate data silos

Analyze using your favorite BI and Data Science tools

Self-optimizing architecture with caching

Pushdown security for consistent governance

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