Analytics Leader

IT / Data Engineer

Deliver true self-service to the analytics community and spend less time on mundane one-off data requests and get to more strategic projects.

Value Propostions

  • Analytics Practitioner data

    Reduce Data Backlogs

    Eliminate the backlog of one-off data requests and empower analytics teams with self-service data access.

  • Analytics Practitioner data

    Breakdown Data Silos

    Give analysts access to the myriads of data stuck in silos across the organization and allow them to produce insights faster.

  • Analytics Practitioner data

    Provide the Right Blend of Self-Service & Governance

    Deliver self-service access to analytics teams while maintaining the security and governance integrity of the source systems.

  • Analytics Practitioner folders

    Faster, Easier Cloud Migration

    Simplify and speed cloud migration projects by allowing analysts to find the right data for new analytics to drive accurate, complete data engineering specifications.

Key Features

Analytics Leader

Self-service data access across disparate data silos

Analytics Leader

Analyze using your favorite BI and Data Science tools

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

Self-optimizing architecture with caching

Cloud Migration - Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Pushdown security for consistent governance

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