Analytics Leader

Data Engineer

Become more efficient with data transformation and collaborate with your analytics team for faster projects that get done right the first time.

Value Propostions

  • Analytics Practitioner data

    Reduce Data Backlogs

    Eliminate the backlog of data transformation projects and empower your analytics teams through collaboration.

  • Analytics Practitioner data

    Faster, Error-free Projects

    Use collaboration with analytics teams to share the data engineering workload for faster projects that meet specifications.

  • Analytics Practitioner data

    Reduce Data Engineering Costs and Deliver More Value

    Increase the efficiency of your data engineering projects to lower costs and deliver 10 to 20 times greater output to the business.

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    Utilize Existing Snowflake Resources

    Take advantage of the powerful Snowflake engine for your data transformation, eliminating the cost of external compute and storage resources.

Key Features

Analytics Leader

Easy no-code, low-code, and code (SQL) UIs that increase your efficiency and effectiveness

Analytics Leader

Shared and re-use existing models and data assets for greater leverage and speed

A flexible, cloud-native data architecture

Data transformation directly inside Snowflake for speed, scalability, and cost efficiency

Cloud Migration - Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Rich set of catalog-like data document and features to improve discovery

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