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Big Data Careers

We are Datameer. We're a global team that works hard every day on our vision of making the world better with data. And we have fun while we're at it.

Why Datameer?

  • First Movers

    We were founded several years before our first true competitors. And we'll never give up that advantage.

  • Committed to Growth

    We're growing like mad, meaning your career will too. We're fiercely committed to providing growth paths, and the development support needed along the way.

  • Thought Leaders

    We lead the conversation. Our leadership team is respected, and trusted, both internally and among the big data community.

  • People First

    Family comes first. Always. Generous maternity and paternity leave, and when life happens, we're here to support you.

  • Geography Agnostic

    With diverse teams around the globe and corporate apartments in SF, NY, and Germany, we encourage our employees to spend time with each other in our other offices.

  • Committed to our Vision

    We aren't distracted by shiny objects - and we'd never jump on a bandwagon. We believe in our roadmap.

Get to Know Us

Our Core Values

At Datameer, we built our company based on a core set of shared values so that we can march toward our goal of making big data analytics easy for everyone, together. These values shape who we are and how we make decisions on a daily basis.


We stand by this motto: "People With Passion Can Change The World" Steve Jobs. We do things because we want to make a positive impact in the world and are excited about the possible outcomes that our work will have.


Our mission is to consistently question the status quo and build a data analytics product for everyone.


Our company is made up of people who accomplish amazing work in a short period of time. Our colleagues and customers can rely on us for great results.

Excellent listeners and communicators

Instead of reacting first, we listen, understand what our customers, prospects and community at large communicates to us, and then we make decisions.

Believers in simplicity

The world is full of complexity and complications. We don’t plan to add any more.


We are always expanding our knowledge on the marketplace, our customers and competitors in order to effectively make the world of big data a better place.


We love to take smart risks and be bold - even if it is controversial. We make tough decisions and our actions will be consistent with our core values.


Built on a foundation of respect, we believe in candor and being direct. We will stand up for our beliefs but will also be the first to admit mistakes.


The end game is to change the world and make our customers successful, everything else follows from that goal.

Open Positions