In SQL, how to limit the number of rows after ordering it in Oracle DB?

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  • December 16, 2018
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We can perform ‘Like’ operations in MongoDB using regular expressions. In fact, regular expressions are more powerful than the Like operator.

Let us consider the following collection:

db = {
  "fruits": [
                {"name": "apple" },
                { "name": "pineapple" },
                { "name": "orange" },
                { "name": "banana"}

For Like ‘%apple%’:

db.fruits.find({  name: {    $regex: "apple"  }})
apple, pineapple

For Like ‘a%’:

db.fruits.find({  name: {    $regex: "^a"  }})

For Like ‘%e’:

db.fruits.find({  name: {    $regex: "e$"  }})

apple, pineapple, orange

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