How to find the duplicate data in a table in SQL?

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  • December 16, 2018
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Let us set up a ‘customers’ table with their email addresses:

CREATE TABLE customers (
    customers_id INT,
    customer_name VARCHAR(100),
    email VARCHAR(100)

INSERT INTO  customers
SELECT 1, 'Jack', '' UNION ALL
SELECT 2, 'July', '' UNION ALL
SELECT 3, 'John', '' UNION ALL
SELECT 4, 'Rose', '';

We can find duplicate data using different approaches.


We can group the table by email column and count the rows with the same email using the HAVING clause.

    email ,
    COUNT(1) email_count
FROM customers
GROUP BY email

# email       email_count
------------------------------------------------------   2

Using Window function

We can use the ROW_NUMBER function and partition the data by email:

SELECT customer_name
, email
, IF( ROW_NUMBER () OVER (PARTITION BY email ORDER BY email) > 1,'Yes','No') is_duplicate
FROM customers


# customer_name   email     is_duplicate
Jack   No
July   Yes
John  No
Rose  No

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