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Customer Analytics

Do you want to improve your customer conversion rates, increase your revenue, predict and avoid customer churn, and lower your customer acquisition costs? The answer lies in a complex web of customer data coming from several different channels – mobile, social media, customer loyalty programs, transaction data, e-commerce weblogs, and more. Do you know how to make sense of it all?

Datameer at Work

Datameer can help you use your big data to deepen insights about your customers and build stronger, more profitable relationships.

  • Use all your data to segment your customers in new ways such as buying behavior
  • Discover how customers are making decisions and find which products to recommend
  • Find how the customer journey leads to purchases or patterns that lead to churn
  • Chris Madison
  • Director, Digital Analytics
  • Kelley Blue Book

“With the insights we’ve been able to garner from Datameer on the consumer journey, we’re starting to push that information back into the organization, primarily the product development side, to really start empowering the thought around personalization, and personalizing the website based on what we already know about the consumer. This is incredibly powerful both from the consumer perspective because they get a better experience, and also from our customer experience because now they can reach their customers in new and interesting ways.”

Featured Resources

Datameer makes customer analytics easy. Learn how Datameer users are leveraging Datameer for customer analytics use cases in any of these featured resources:

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