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Customer Analytics

Do you want to improve your customer conversion rates, increase your revenue, predict and avoid customer churn, and lower your customer acquisition costs? The answer lies in a complex web of customer data coming from several different channels – mobile, social media, customer loyalty programs, transaction data, e-commerce weblogs, and more. Do you know how to make sense of it all?

Integrate, Analyze, Visualize, Understand

Big data analytics is the key to unlocking the insights from your customer behavior data. It empowers you to combine, integrate and analyze all of your customer data at once – regardless of source, type, size, or format. Using Datameer for customer analytics, you can:

  • Combine and enrich existing data with 3rd party, customer, and other data
  • Perform ad-hoc customer analytics to test what-if scenarios
  • Identify which campaigns yield the highest conversion
  • Learn which behaviors signal customer churn so customer retention teams can intervene

eBook: Using Big Data for Customer Analytics

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Video: Using Datameer for Customer Analytics

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