Transform your raw data with no code

Enrich and curate any data using a spreadsheet-like interface. Datameer empowers data engineers, business analysts, data science and IT to work together to create secure, curated datasets from raw data to feed any analytics initiative. Transform, blend, and enrich raw big data with zero coding, zero cubes and zero context changes.


Go faster with 270+ built-in functions

Every data set is different. That’s why Datameer offers a library of over 270 functions to help you get data prep done, ranging from basics like de-duping and normalizing, to sophisticated functions for extraction, text analytics, sessionization and geo-location mapping. If you still want to code, you can use our SQL interface or write your own functions in Java.

Filter and join with data that gets more relevant as you go

Datameer provides an initial, representative data sample. As you build out your use case, Datameer is constantly resampling based on your inputs to give you the most representative data set across billions of rows or joined data sets.

Build with iterative point-and-click analytics

As you build your data model, visually profile and explore the data to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Interactive historgrams and visual exploration help you better understand the shape and quality of your data after every transformation.

What customers say

“The best value we got out of it was not just ease of use but empowering any of the researchers globally to mine the data without having to learn how to code, build special UIs, or embark on a steep learning curve.”

Dmitry Samosseiko
Director of Global Threat Research, Sophos

Enrich your data algorithmically

Datameer’s uses advanced algorithms to discover hidden patterns within your data. This lets you enrich your data with behavior groupings, relationships and even recommendations. Interactively experiment with different data combinations by dragging and dropping attributes until you find the answer you’re looking for. Datameer also includes several advanced algorithms that makes identifying data dependencies, clusters and building decision trees and recommendations as simple as drag-and-drop.

  • Spreadsheet UI (no coding)
  • 270+ built-in functions
    Path and graph analytics, Text and sentiment analytics, Time- and event-based organization, Custom binning
  • Point-and-click cleansing functions
  • Advanced transformation
  • Standard and custom grouping
  • Visual data profiling (Flipside™)

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