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The Datameer Cloud Data Platform makes it simple.

Data Management Simplified

The Datameer cloud data platform powers the full data life cycle from discovery, access, transformation, and governance of data from disparate data sources to cataloging data assets and provides a framework for sharing results and context among analytic teams.

  • Empower analytics teams to discover, model, and use data tucked away in data silos without waiting for data engineering
  • Create trusted analytics datasets through data collaboration, governance and transparency
  • Multi-modal: virtualize your data for secure data discovery or use ETL++ for operational BI and reporting

Comprehensive Data Platform for Analytics

The Cloud Data Platform offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to discover, access, collaborate, model, and deliver data for analytics with easy Google-like search and sharing, no-code visual modeling and pipeline building, and enterprise-grade scalability, security, and governance.

  • Highly secure and efficient data virtualization
  • Scalable ETL++ data pipeline engine
  • Rich data catalog with data dictionary and business glossary
  • Broad range of intelligent connectors
  • Auto-elastic, Spark-based compute clusters
  • Google-like search & browse discovery tools
  • Effortless no-code data query and access
  • No-code modeling and ETL++ integration tools
  • Collaboration tools for tagging, annotations, descriptions, following & more
  • Feature-rich, no-code ETL++ for data engineering
  • Robust data security services and controls
  • Advanced data governance facilities
  • Automated operations services

Datameer CDP +

The Cloud Data Platform combines with your Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) for a seamless modern data stack and increases the ROI from your CDW.

Comprehensive discovery of all data assets

Bridges cloud and on-premises data sources with the CDW

Optimizes what and when data is moved into the CDW

Lowers compute and storage costs

Datameer Platform Products

  • Datameer Spotlight combines virtual data management, easy modeling tools, and a collaborative data catalog to make it easy for analysts to discover, create, share, and collaborate on data assets for faster discovery analytics and insights.

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  • Datameer Spectrum is a robust, no-coding ETL++ tool and platform that makes it fast and easy to create both self-service data pipelines and transformation-rich data engineering pipelines with enterprise-grade security and governance.

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What You Can Do With Datameer

Discover, Create and Use Analytics Datasets

  • Find existing datasets, access them, and model new ones to produce faster analytics results
  • The source data is accessed virtually, leaving it securely in place and eliminating the need for data movement

Create Personalized Data Pipelines

  • Create self-service ETL++ pipelines or extend existing ones without waiting for IT
  • Simply connect, transform, and load into your cloud data warehouse – all without writing one line of code

Engineer & Operationalize Data Pipelines

  • Speed your data engineering processes and lower costs
  • Extract, transform, blend and enrich data, then automate the process without writing one line of code and keeping data secure and governed

Transform Data for Data Science

  • Data scientists can find more datasets, discover features, and quickly shape it with single-click encoding functions
  • Automate the data pipelines to operationalize AI/ML processes

Collaborate with the Entire Team

  • Use shared workspaces, models, and artifacts to let you data engineers, analysts, and data scientists collaborate around data, reuse assets, and govern effectively

Build Data Literacy

  • Share knowledge of data across your entire community of data professionals, analytics teams, and business stakeholders to grow data literacy and increase transparency

Empowering everyone in the analytics-driven organization

For analytics teams

  • Simplifies working with data for analytics
  • Easily discover, model, and access data
  • Collaborate with teammates enterprise-wide

For DataOps teams

  • Deliver data for analytics faster with lower costs
  • Bridge data silos and deliver comprehensive views
  • Maintain high data quality, security, and governance

For IT teams

  • Elastic architecture ensures scalability
  • Near-zero maintenance that frees IT personnel
  • Reduce cloud resource consumption and costs