Jason Delker

Chief Technology and Chief Data Officer, Pinsight Media

“We believe that Datameer has the ability to empower entire organizations and make data matter.”

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Datameer Customers

Companies big and small use Datameer to get big data insights faster. The use cases are many, but the underlying methodologies are the same: it’s all about getting disparate data together so you can discover the insights that matter to you.

Find out how Datameer customers harness data to make a difference:

American Airlines
Charlie Crocker, Business Analytics Program Lead
“We had waiting times of five weeks, six weeks, seven weeks for people to be able to get their aggregations, and now [with Datameer] I can do that in a couple of hours.”
Drew Leamon, Director, Advanced Technology Solutions, Comcast
“The native habitat of analysts is spreadsheets. To have an analyst in all their glory they have to be in spreadsheets. Let people exist in their native habitat.”
Cotivity Logo
Detroit Crime Commission
Andrew Arena, Detroit Crime Commission
“A tool like Datameer is the future of law enforcement.”
“With Datameer, researchers can analyze the complete, raw genomic data sets of multiple patients in parallel, along with patient data records, detail selection data, and reference genome data.”
Mehmet Albas, Chief Product Officer
"Datameer allows our non-technical end users to take advantage of our Hadoop cluster for their reporting and data analysis needs with no dependence on IT.” -
National Instruments
National Instruments
Laxman Srigiri, Head of Global Business Intelligence
“Datameer provided an enterprise-grade collaborative platform that was up and running in less than three months.”
Pinsight Media+
Jason Delker, Chief Technology and Chief Data Officer
“We believe that Datameer has the ability to empower entire organizations and make data matter.”
Mike Diliberto, CIO
”Datameer will give our business analysts quick and direct access to their data, and allow our technical team to focus on delivering great products and services for our customers instead of internal analytical needs.”
Phil Shelley, Former CTO of Sears
“Datameer is becoming very important for us as we build out a data hub on Hadoop.”
Simon Kronseder, Head of Marketing, SHOEPASSION
“Datameer Flipside provides an instant profile of our data which makes our data preparation process that much easier.”
Madeline Schiappa, Data Scientist, Sophos
“It’s not just one use case, but a lot of little ones added up together that makes Datameer valuable.”
Matt Hawkins, Global Data Integration, Infrastructure Manager, Surfdome
“We purchased Datameer and Hadoop to solve an initial data problem we had and since then we've solved every data problem with Datameer and Hadoop.”
USA Olympic Team
Sky Christopherson, U.S. Womens Olympic Cycling Team Professional Trainer
"Datameer can easily analyze data, and has very good visualization which was exactly what we needed to see how everything interconnected."
Vivint logo
Brandon Bunker, Vivint
"Datameer increased the speed at which we are able to go from raw data to intelligence."
Yapı Kredi
Ongun Demirler, Senior Data Warehouse and Big Data Architect
“In data modeling, data preparation takes up 80 percent of the time. Datameer lets our business users do the data preparation themselves without needing to talk to IT. We have seen 50 percent faster data preparation, which means more time spent modeling and faster time to the market.”