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Maximize the return on your existing data warehousing and analytics investment

Datameer Spotlight features give organizations fast access and deep visibility into all of their enterprise data assets—whether in the cloud or on-premises—. Spotlight gives data and business teams a unified view of their data landscape and lets them discover, access, collaborate, and analyze more data for better insights.

Virtual Catalog

Datameer Spotlight indexes the metadata of every data source and creates a searchable inventory of assets that can easily be mined by analysts and data scientists. Typical searchable information includes table and column names, authors, characters of uploaded files, usage patterns, trust scores, and more.

Data Governance

Datameer Spotlight maintains multiple forms of metadata both at the technical and business level, and full lineage on assets helping data stewards track what makes up an asset. It can apply properties on data assets ranging from system-level ones, user-defined properties such as status and use standardized tags to mark assets for custom governance status. It uses AI to detect Personally Identifiable Data (PII), flag the data as PII and enable specific PII handling controls to be put in place. Additionally, it supports a complete audit trail of all aspects of the system including the full details of any component and how the data is used (queried).

Data Modeling

Datameer Spotlight bridges your many data silos and allows analysts to combine and model different datasets to the specific needs of their analytics problem without having to write any code.  It provides AI-driven guidance on how to model the data, offers a visual representation of the data at each step, and provides complete data lineage to promote transparency and governance.


Spotlight provides a collaborative environment where teams can share and reuse assets, collaborate to form new assets, and increase their data literacy.  Assets and models can be documented and augmented with social media-like features and AI-driven information about data and how it is used.  You can follow the models of your favorite analysts to use trusted datasets.


Save 20% on your data warehouse compute costs using Datameer Spotlight caching.

BI & AI Consumption

Once you’ve modeled your data, the dataset can now be queried from any BI, data discovery, or data science tool via the universal JDBC/ODBC layer, and popular tools such as Tableau, Looker, Jupiter notebooks, and Excel can be launched directly from Spotlight.  The high-performance virtual query engine ensures rapid response times using optimizations such as query pushdown and caching.