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Maximize your analytics ROI with easy to create and manage data pipelines.

Datameer Spectrum lets you turn disparate raw data into analytics-ready datasets in hours or even minutes without writing one line of code.  Spectrum integrates with any data source imaginable and the enterprise-grade platform delivers on all your DataOps requirements for security, governance, and scalability.  Create, productionize, and manage all your data pipelines with a single unified platform and toolset to meet all your analytics needs.

Spectrum provides a completely graphical user experience for creating and defining data pipelines eliminating lengthy, error-prone coding processes.  Wizard-driven extract and load capabilities and over 300 point-and-click functions make data pipeline creation fast and easy.

Spectrum offers the largest library of data shaping and transformation functions of any data pipeline platform – over 300 ETL++ functions.  With these functions you can shape your data in any way imaginable – cleanse, blend, organize, enrich, aggregate, group, and more – to ensure data usability and completeness.

Spectrum offers data connectors to practically any data source imaginable – over 200 – to help you bridge any data across your disparate landscape.  Intelligent connectors and automated data parsers help normalize and make sense of even complex data formats.

Shared, reusable, and extensible data pipeline components speed the pipeline creation process and facilitate collaboration between data engineering, analytics, and data science teams to ensure data requirements are always met.

Spectrum contains the most complete suite of security and governance capabilities that cover the entire data lifecycle.  This ensures that data governance processes can scale as data pipeline volume and diversity grow and data privacy regulations are always met.

Spectrum uses an elastic Spark-based compute cluster for performance and scale, and offers automated job execution and management services.  The patented Smart ExecutionTM optimizer intelligently parallelizes jobs and minimizes data movement.