Fully featured ETL++ with visual simplicity and AI-powered guidance.

Extract. Transform. Load. Within minutes your data is ready for analysis.

Data engineering costs skyrocketing? Spectrum gets them under control AND delivers faster insights.

What is Datameer Spectrum?

Datameer Spectrum combines the full power and reliability of fully-featured ETL with wizard-driven simplicity to turn your data from raw form into analysis-ready in minutes without one line of code.  Once ready, Spectrum’s complete operationalization and governance features enable reliable, automated, and secure data pipelines to ensure a consistent flow of data.

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Why Datameer Spectrum?

  • Powerful, Fully Featured ETL++

    Datameer Spectrum can meet all your ETL data pipeline needs across your hybrid cloud landscape with support for the largest number of data sources & destinations, data formats, and the richest wizard-driven function library in the industry to tame any data. Quickly and easily create ETL data pipelines from simple to the most complex in a spreadsheet-style interface and easy to follow workflow without one line of code, and work with any type of data – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

  • Ease of Use

    No coding necessary. Wizard led data ingestion, and award-winning spreadsheet-like UI with over 280 points and click functions ranging from simple transformation to automated sophisticated ones such as JSON data extraction, pivot tables, and one hot encoding for data science.

  • Scalable

    Datameer Spectrum uses advanced elastic compute frameworks to optimize resource allocation, leverage parallel processing, and scale to your data processing needs, all in an automatic fashion and without having to write a single line of script or code.  No DevOps needed.

  • Secure

    Datameer has the deepest set of governance and security features that meet the demands of highly regulated industries and helps ensure data privacy and compliance.  Authentication, authorization, LDAP/Active Directory and SAML support, obfuscation and encryption, secure impersonation, end-to-end data lineage, complete audit trails, and more — all the requirements to meet enterprise needs.

  • Speed

    Coding data pipeline workflows can easily take weeks or months, and can still be error-prone. With Datameer Spectrum, your team can build the simplest workflows in minutes, complex ones in a couple of days, quickly QA the pipelines, and secure and operationalize them all without one line of code.

  • Increase ROI and Lower Cloud Costs

    Datameer accelerates the speed at which the data is made available for analysis, giving your business teams the ability to turn on a dime as well as lowering your data engineering costs.  And, Spectrum has its own highly efficient compute framework, allowing you to load analytics-ready data (not raw) and eliminate burning extra cloud data warehouse costs and credits on transformation and storage.

What can Datameer Spectrum do for you?

ETL analytic data pipelines in minutes.  Extract.  Transform.  Load.  Repeat.  Spectrum’s iterative, point-n-click and AI-assisted style of creating ETL++ data pipelines allows your analysts to deliver analytics-ready data in minutes.  Wizard-based extract from 70+ data sources on-premise or in the cloud, easily transform even the most complex data with 280+ point-n-click functions, and high speed loading into any on prem or cloud data warehouse or lake of your choice.


Modernize your analytics in the cloud.  Spectrum can seamlessly extract and pipeline your on-premises AND cloud-based data to a modern CDW to gain analytic speed and scale, while keeping data secure and governed. With Spectrum you’ll reduce data engineering time and cost, maintain consistent security & governance policies in the hybrid landscape, and gain greater cloud cost efficiencies.

Data Science Modernization: Spectrum provides a rich array of capabilities to create and operationalize data pipelines over your hybrid landscape that feed more data to your cloud AI/ML efforts, keep data assets secure and in place, and keep processes governed and auditable. With Spectrum you’ll see rapid AI & ML analytics cycles, increased accuracy & usefulness of AI & ML and the ability to meet growing regulatory requirements with full governance & auditability.

How it works


No schemas or advanced modeling required, simply follow a simple wizard to extract any raw data whether structured or unstructured from 70+ data sources from applications, files, cloud or on-prem data warehouses or lakes.


Use Spectrum’s easy to spreadsheet like UI and 280+ point and click functions to perform anywhere from simple to complex transformation, shaping, aggregation, discovery or data science prep you need.


Take the output of your data pipelines and deliver it directly to the analytics teams who need it, whether it be analytics databases, BI tools or data science tools.

Architecture and Deployment Options

  • Container-based architecture

  • Powered by Spark

Can be depolyed on premise or any cloud