SDK Overview

Get an overview of Datameer’s SDK.

A key to creating compelling analytics is being able to access data from numerous sources. Datameer has an extensive list of available data connectors that are built-in.

Users can create connections to find files FTP and Oracle database, a web service such as Salesforce or Google Analytics, or to Hadoop frameworks such as Hive or Hbase.

Each of these connectors is contained with a Datameer plugin. The list of accessible plugins is available for administrators to view on the administration page.

In some cases, you may want to perform analytics in Datameer for data that is not accessible by using one of the built-in connectors. Datameer provides an SDK for software development kit with enterprise installations. Using the SDK a developer could build a new plugin that extends the list of connectors in Datameer to include direct access to more data than ever before.

Similarly, Datameer includes a wide variety of available functions to perform analytics within a workbook. If there is a function that is not already built in the list of available functions may be extended by a developer with the SDK. Developers can find out more information about the SDK including tutorials and examples in the Datameer documentation at

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