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In this video, we will cover Datameers Browser User Interface and the basic navigation to get you started. This video will help you to identify the different navigational tools, menus, and basic structure of the Datameer application.

Datameer - security

Login to Datameer Browser Interface

Once we login to Datameer we will see that Datameer file browser. This is the area of Datameer where you will organize ingested artifacts, workbooks, and infographics. The file browser tab displays all Datameer folders and artifacts. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a folder structure very similar to an operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS.

The home folder is the main directory for your work. And will always be shown on top of the folder structure. You can easily filter through artifacts from the filter option on the left-hand bar. This allows you to find artifacts that you have access to, by type, status, or artifacts that you own. You will also see subfolders underneath this folder, along with other shared folders in the Datameer instance. Artifacts can be saved in any folder that you have access to. All artifacts are draggable and droppable, so you can easily organize data.

What is an artifact?

An artifact is anything created in Datameer, such as an import job, file upload, a workbook, or an infographic.

We are currently in a folder with a number of different artifacts. You can create folders or other artifacts via a file in the menu bar, the folder with becoming a subfolder of which of whatever Datameer directory you currently have selected. Aside from folders, this menu allows you to create other artifacts. Another way to do this is by right-clicking anywhere in the browser window.

Each artifact has different information that can be helpful while navigating Datameer. In the first column, you will see the name of the artifact, along with an icon indicating the type of artifact that you have selected.

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