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JSON Parsing

JSON Parsing

Eliminate hours of coding or development in Datameer with our new Automated JSON Parsing Module. With the click of a button, the parser automatically detects the nesting. It visually traverses the tree into selecting objects that can instantly be unpackaged into rows and columns for further analysis.

Datameer Spectrum Demo: Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Data Prep for Machine Learning

Watch an example of how to prep your data for machine learning.

Datameer Demonstration

Datameer Demonstration

Watch an end-to-end demonstration of Datameer, its features, and how to use the product.

Hello World Feat

Hello World Tutorial

Learn how to use Datameer through our quick Hello World tutorial.

Datameer User Interface Tour

Datameer User Interface Tour

Take a guided tour of Datameer and learn how to navigate the user interface and functions.

Browser UI Feat

Browser UI

See the new Browser UI in Datameer 6.

Filtering Artifacts

Filtering Artifacts

Learn how to filter artifacts in Datameer 6.

File Uploads

File Upload

Learn how to perform a file upload in Datameer.


Connection Types

Learn about the structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data connection types in Datameer.

Data Connections

How To Create A Data Connection

Learn the different ways you can create data connections in Datameer.

Import Jobs

Import Jobs

Learn how to perform an import job in Datameer 6.

Defining a Schema

Defining a Schema in Datameer

Learn how to define a schema in Datameer.

Using Social Media Connectors

Social Media Connectors

Learn about the various social media connectors available in Datameer.

Connecting to Salesforce

How to: Connect to Salesforce

Learn how you can quickly and easily connect your Salesforce data in Datameer.

Understanding Sample Data

Understanding Sample Data

Learn how Datameer uses a smart sample of your big data set to help you work with your data most efficiently.

Workbook UI

Workbook UI

Get to know the Workbook UI in Datameer 6.

Adding Data

Adding Data to a Workbook

Learn how to add data in Datameer 6.

Formatting Cells

Formatting Cells

Learn how to format cells in Datameer.

Filtering Data

Filtering Data

Learn how to filter your data within Datameer’s spreadsheet interface.


Sorting Data

Learn how to use Datameer’s sort of functionality.


Joining Data

Learn the different options for joining multiple datasets in Datameer.

Working With Dates in Datameer

Working With Dates in Datameer

Learn how to work with the date format in Datameer.

Working With Bad Data

Working With Bad Data

Learn how to work with insufficient data in Datameer.


GroupCount and GroupAverage Functions in Datameer

Learn how to use the GroupCount and GroupAverage functions in Datameer.


GroupBy Function in Datameer

Learn how to use the GroupBy function in Datameer to group-specific attributes.

Workbook Configuration

Workbook Configuration

Learn how to configure a workbook in Datameer.

Setting Permissions

Setting Permissions

Learn how to set permissions in Datameer.

Roles and Groups

Roles and Groups

Learn how to use Roles and Groups to define access levels of features within Datameer.

Exporting Data

Exporting Data

Learn how to export your data to external systems.

Infographic User Interface

Infographic User Interface

Learn how to start visualizing your results in the Datameer Business Infographic Designer.

Choosing Infographic

Customize Your Data Visualization

Understand how to create and customize the best infographic for your big data analytical results.

Bar Chart

Creating and Editing a Bar Chart

Learn how to use a bar chart in Datameer’s visual Infographic Designer.

Pie and Doughnut Chart

Pie and Doughnut Chart

Learn how to use the pie and doughnut chart in Datameer’s Business Infographic Designer.

Sunburst Chart

Sunburst Chart

Learn how to use the sunburst chart in Datameer’s Business Infographic Designer.

Adding Images

Adding Images to an Infographic

Learn how to add images to an infographic in Datameer.


Scheduling Analytics in Datameer

Learn how you can schedule your jobs to run automatically in Datameer.

Datameer and Hadoop

Datameer and Hadoop

Learn how Datameer runs natively on Hadoop for both storage and compute.

SDK Overview

SDK Overview

Get an overview of Datameer’s SDK.

short aws demo

Datameer AWS Short Demo

Watch a short demo about Datameer AWS.

Amazon SageMaker

Datameer and Amazon SageMaker Demo

Learn how to use Datameer to shape, cleanse, and explore the data.

Datameer for AWS

Demo: Datameer for AWS

Demonstration of Datameer Enterprise on Amazon Web Services and the key integration points with AWS services.

Integrating and preparing complex data

Demo: Integrating and Preparing Complex Data

Learn how to integrate and prepare your complex data.

Identifying customer journey patterns

Demo: Identifying Customer Journey Patterns

Learn to identify customers` journey patterns.

Datameer FinServ Demo Essential Tips for Fraud Prevention

Financial Services Demo: Essential Tips for Fraud Prevention

We are presenting essential tips for fraud prevention.

Big Data Analytics for Truck Roll and Improved Customer Service

Telecom Demo: Big Data Analytics for Truck Roll and Improved Customer Service

Learn how to use big data analytics for truck roll and improved customer service.

Datameer Retail Demo

Datameer Retail Demo

Watch Datameer retail demo.