Fraud andCompliance

Security landscapes and compliance requirements are constantly evolving, as are the methods the bad guys are using to defraud your business and customers. Data-driven insights help you uncover what’s hidden and suspicious – in time to mitigate risks.

Eliminate Fraud and Stay in Compliance

Big data analytics identifies patterns deep in your data to identify fraud and aggregate large volumes of information to make regulatory reporting much faster. Use larger data sets to identify fraud patterns and make detection algorithms more accurate. Reduce reporting times for compliance with Basel III, AML and BCBS 239. Analyze private and sensitive data for breaches.

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Fraud and Compliance

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Maintain Regulatory Compliance in Financial Services

Ever-expanding and shifting regulations, including Dodd-Frank, BCBS 239 and CCAR, are constantly increasing the cost of regulatory compliance. Given the new requirements, tight deadlines and massive volume of data to be analyzed, leading banks are abandoning their minimally viable approaches and leveraging modern BI platforms to enhance their risk and regulatory compliance programs.

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The Governance and Security You Need

The Governance and Security You Need

Datameer has full governance capabilities to help you generate complete, audit-ready data aggregation and reporting – across lines of business, legal entities or any hierarchical subset of data. You can report risk and regulatory compliance data and show clear, accurate data lineage for all data and calculations used in your reports. With Datameer, you don’t have to choose between self-service big data analytics and a governable data architecture.

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Sophos: Staying Ahead of Security Threats

Sophos, who began producing antivirus and encryption products nearly 30 years ago, now helps secure networks used by 100 million people in 150 countries and 100,000 businesses using big data analytics. Learn how Sophos achieves its mission to keep IT security simple and reliable with big data analytics.

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