Customer Analytics

Do you want to improve customer conversion rates, increase customer retention and maximize customer lifetime value? The solution lies in a complex web of customer data coming from multiple channels. Are you taking advantage of it?

What Makes Your Customers Tick?

You want customers to have a long, faithful and profitable journey with your organization. Customer behavior analytics powered by big data helps organizations optimize that customer journey. Detailed profile and behavior models shared between teams can make the journey sweeter from both sides.

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Build Your Customer Analytics Business Case

Customer analytics encompasses a number of disciplines, impacting different parts of the organization. Ensuring the right questions are being asked, and that teams agree to the goals and outcomes is essential to success. Learn how to align your customer-facing teams and create a business case that motivates stakeholders to create deeper customer analytics based on big data.

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Customer Analytics

“We purchased Datameer and Hadoop to solve an initial data problem we had and since then we’ve solved every data problem with Datameer and Hadoop.”

Matt Hawkins | Global Data Integration, Infrastructure Manager, Surfdome

Protecting Customer Information and Data

As more information about customers is captured and stored, securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during the big data analytics process plays a critical role. Does your analytics platform support critical security, privacy and encryption features to keep customer PII locked-down?

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Customer Information

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