The Premier Data Transformation Platform for the Snowflake

The Only Multi-Persona Data Transformation Tool for Snowflake

  • In Snowflake data transformations
  • Utilize the powerful Snowflake engine for transformation
  • Keep analytics data and models secure
  • Multi-persona UX: No-code, low-code, or code
  • Rich, catalog-like data documentation
  • Google-like search of data inventory


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Multi-persona: Let the entire extended team collaborate

Create highly trusted models and get them done right the first time

Lower your data and analytics engineering costs

Create a more efficient data stack on Snowflake for greater ROI

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Choose the model that works best for you

Mix and match to your use case needs

No code

Easy drag-and-drop modeling that lets non-technical analysts create base models specific to their needs.

Low code

Spreadsheet-like interface that allows non-technical analysts to enrich data and dramatically improve data engineer productivity.


Full SQL coding and scripting that gives your data engineering teams the control to create and deploy highly optimized data models.


  • Data Warehouse Migration to Snowflake

    Make your data warehouse modernization to Snowflake fast and easy with Datameer while ensuring the highest security and governance.

  • New Cloud Analytics on Snowflake

    Continuously deploy new analytics on Snowflake with agile data pipelines and dataOps that bridge all your data sources, both cloud and on-premises.

  • Adhoc Data Discovery on Snowflake

    Use Datameer’s search, discovery, and exploration capabilities to derive more value out of your Snowflake data and quickly answer new business questions.

  • Data Science on Snowflake

    Use Datameer’s rich array of data science shaping and data preparation functions to create and operationalize data pipelines for data science in Snowflake.

Learn What Having a Cloud Data Warehouse Gets You

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Data Integration for the Snowflake Data Cloud

Learn how to deploy a highly efficient Snowflake data stack with Datameer