The Fastest, Most Efficient Data Integration for the Snowflake Data Cloud

Deploy a Highly Efficient Snowflake Data Stack

  • Single platform for the entire data lifecycle
  • Integrate your data securely from any location
  • Easy, end-to-end no-code data pipelines
  • In Snowflake data transformations
  • Enterprise-grade governance & discovery
  • Automated, scalable, and secure DataOps


Faster Analytic Insights

Highly trusted results and decisions

Reduced data engineering costs

Lower Overall Data Stack TCO

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Choose the model that works best for you

Mix and match to your use case needs

Extract, Load & Transform (ELT)

Easy, wizard-driven extract and load from over 200 data sources, then run easy-to-use Datameer transformation functions on Snowflake’s powerful compute and storage engines for all your transformations

Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)

Easy extraction from over 200 data sources, use Datameer’s over 300 graphical functions and powerful Spark-based engine to transform the data in-flight to keep your CDW costs low and maintain consistent security and governance policies.


  • Data Warehouse Migration to Snowflake

    Make your data warehouse modernization to Snowflake fast and easy with Datameer while ensuring the highest security and governance.

  • New Cloud Analytics on Snowflake

    Continuously deploy new analytics on Snowflake with agile data pipelines and dataOps that bridge all your data sources, both cloud and on-premises.

  • Adhoc Data Discovery on Snowflake

    Use Datameer’s search, discovery, and exploration capabilities to derive more value out of your Snowflake data and quickly answer new business questions.

  • Data Science on Snowflake

    Use Datameer’s rich array of data science shaping and data preparation functions to create and operationalize data pipelines for data science in Snowflake.

Learn What Having a Cloud Data Warehouse Gets You

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Data Integration for the Snowflake Data Cloud

Learn how to deploy a highly efficient Snowflake data stack with Datameer