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  • Dan Cheng

    Dan Cheng

    Senior User Experience Designer

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Excel Hell Show & Tell



Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular data analysis tool. The ability to use formulas to project future values also makes it popular for planning. Because many are very familiar with how to use Excel, files are often shared to exchange data. Over time, the sheer number of spreadsheets grows to an unmanageable collection plagued by broken formulas and links without the right data access.

Excel Hell results from an overreliance on and excessive use of Excel, often not using it as the product is intended. In Excel Hell, too much of your data is trapped in many different Excel files and is completely disorganized.

It is time to pivot from endless Excel workbooks.

In this "Show & Tell" you’ll learn:

  • How to manage and find that “needle in a haystack” among hundreds – if not thousands – of Excel files
  • How to integrate into corporate-wide systems and combine with other data to keep your reports current and accurate
  • How to capture the context of your work so you can more easily re-use it in the future


  • Dan Cheng
    Dan Cheng

    Senior User Experience Designer