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Finally – Interactive Data Exploration at Massive Scale

Datameer is the world’s first platform that gives the business analyst unconstrained, interactive exploration of billions of records. It bridges the last mile between the analyst and big data, delivering an interactive experience like no other that enables true unconstrained data exploration at the speed of thought.

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Explore, Refine and Shape Your Data Visually

Explore, shape, refine—in a completely visual paradigm. Now, any business analyst can explore extremely large datasets interactively in a friendly, familiar visual manner. Drill into sections of the data, add, or adjust attributes or aggregations, all with simple clicks of a button.

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Fully Visual Metaphor

Unconstrained Exploration

With Visual Explorer you don’t need to trade off free-form exploration for performance. The schema-less architecture, dynamic search-based indexing and rapid micro-scans allow analysts to slice data using any attribute, and aggregate any value in the dataset to see results instantaneously. What does that mean? Freedom to explore your data at the speed of thought.

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Unconstrained Exploration

Responsive and Lightning Fast

With Visual Explorer, experience a new reality. Interactively explore many billions of records with sub-second response times, and all without requirements for pre-compute and extra storage. The dynamic architecture scales efficiently to support large volumes of users.

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Responsive and Lightning Fast

Scale and Drill to Detail

Long dataset. Wide dataset. Deep dataset. No problem. The Visual Explorer architecture keeps going where other SQL and OLAP engines give up. Explore any place in the dataset and turn on a dime to explore other areas. Fail fast and keep drilling until you find the answers you seek.

Scale and Drill to Detail

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