Smart Execution Optimized Execution Without Any Levers

The Business Value of Smart Execution

Tuning and optimization has traditionally been a tough task requiring unique skills and expensive talent. Smart Execution takes all the guesswork out of optimization so your team can focus on the task at hand—data preparation and analysis.

Fastest Processing Today, Tomorrow and in the Future

Manually optimizing your big data processing isn’t necessary anymore. With Smart Execution, Datameer is smart enough to select the best execution engine automatically and process your analyses as efficiently as possible. Smart Execution’s open architecture integrates new execution frameworks as they become enterprise-ready.

Fastest Processing

Increase Performance

Your time is money. Process your data and analysis faster. Smart Execution dramatically improves your overall analytic throughput and speed giving you results, faster. It takes full advantage of Tez and Spark and can even switch engines dynamically within one job, continuously optimizing as needed.

Increase Performance

Increase Your Productivity

With reduced analytics cycle times and greater interactivity, you become more productive, fast. By focusing on analytics rather than selecting and tuning infrastructure technology, you gain the time you need to extract vital information from your data.

Increase Your Productivity

Optimize Hardware Utilization

Smart Execution improves cluster utilization by better leveraging memory and reducing I/O. It eliminates the operational overhead of running multiple clusters to support different analytics platforms or engines, and it requires no additional hardware or software beyond standard Hadoop (including YARN). Win-win-win.