Smart Analytics

Automatically find answers hidden deep in your data

Let advanced algorithms do the work for you. With Smart Analytics, smart data discovery just became a whole lot easier. Automatically find answers hidden deep in your data via simple drag and drop, and speed your way to a new set of business answers.


With a clustering algorithm, Datameer finds non-obvious but related groups within your data by automatically identifying and measuring common attributes within the dataset. Now you can easily slice your data into highly granular groups such as customer segments, and you can treat the groups individually.

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Decision Trees

Datameer’s decision trees help you understand the different combinations of data attributes that result in a desired outcome. Decision trees are often used when optimizing a process for a better outcome. The output of the decision tree can identify unknown decision paths well-hidden in your data.

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Datameer Smart Analytics

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Column Dependencies

Want to know how strongly a single data attribute like age, location, or gender relates to other outcomes? The column dependency algorithm automatically compares every possible data attribute combination and visually ranks the strengths of those relationships so you can instantly see where to focus your analysis.

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Recommendation Engine

Datameer’s recommendation engine automatically predicts a person’s interests based on historical observations of similar people’s interests. Now you can increase engagement, recommend more relevant choices and drive more purchases.

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