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Retaining customers, gaining subscribers and expanding within current subscriber bases are all top priorities for telecommunication service providers. The answer to these challenges lies in combining and analyzing the masses of data generated every day. Datameer helps major communications companies such as British Telecom, Comcast, Telefonica and others analyze their big data to find new insights that drive higher business performance.

Optimizing Network Capacity

Infrastructure costs are a major driver of telecommunications profit and loss. By integrating and analyzing a variety of data such as subscriber, network, and location data, telecommunication companies can gain new insights that improve their current network capacity planning. This new panorama allows telecommunication companies to optimize their network capacity and forecast utilization more accurately.

Improve the Customer Experience

Addressing potential issues early in the customer life-cycle is critical for long-term retention. Telecom companies use Datameer to aggregate and analyze product logs and customer call data records across networks. These companies gain insights that measure carrier performance against SLAs and quality of services to the end user, allowing them to identify ways to reduce overall customer churn.

Optimize Service Operations

Finding ways to reduce expensive in-person service calls and resolve customer issues during the first contact is an obvious way for telecoms to reduce operating expenses. By integrating, analyzing and visualizing disparate big data sources such as customer contracts, call center records, and agent behavior, Datameer’s big data analytics capabilities identify avoidable truck rolls, lower overall service costs and improve customer service.

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