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Big Data Analytics for Retail

Learn how big data analytics transforms industry leaders such as Autotrader, Newegg, Priceline, Sears and Surfdome to find new insights that drive higher business performance.

  • Matt Hawkins
  • Global Data Integration, Infrastructure Manager
  • Surfdome

"We purchased Datameer and Hadoop to solve an initial data problem we had and since then we've solved every data problem with Datameer and Hadoop."

Better Understand Your Customer

You want customers to have a long, faithful and profitable journey with your organization. Customer behavior analytics powered by big data helps organizations optimize that customer journey. Detailed profile and behavior models shared between teams can make the journey sweeter from both sides.

Personalize the In-Store Experience

The advent of people-tracking technology offers new ways to analyze store behavior and measure the impact of merchandising efforts. Big data analytics helps retailers make sense of their data to optimize merchandising tactics, personalize the in-store experience with loyalty apps and drive timely offers to incent consumers to complete purchases.

Get a 360-Degree View of Customers

Get a 360-Degree View of Customers - SHOEPASSION.com wanted a 360-degree view of their customers to analyze transactions, revenue and loyalty. With big data analytics, they delivered a better customer experience, generated more revenue from cross-selling campaigns and increased the ROI on their digital campaigns.

Make Better Recommendations and Offers

By analyzing historical data of similar customer profiles, you can easily build relevant recommendations to increase engagement, recommend more relevant choices, increase customer satisfaction and of course increase sales.

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How Sears Uses Datameer

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