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EDW Optimization

Big data analytics is not a replacement for traditional data warehousing, but can complement and enhance data warehousing efforts by modernizing your approaches to analytics. Big data analytics can deliver deeper insights using larger and more diverse datasets, reduce the time to insight via a self-service analytic process, and discover new insights from smarter analytics.

Do More With Your Data Lake

Big data analytics complements and enhances your data warehousing initiatives. With big data analytics, you can use all the existing data in your warehouse, enhance it with unstructured data and apply advanced analytics to gain new insights. Push more data into your analysis while reducing cycles from months to days. Add diverse data sets and use more advanced functions such as path and graph analysis. Use Smart Analytics to perform micro-segmentation and generate recommendations.

Become the Data Preparation Hero

Getting from raw data to prepared data takes strategy and experience. Become a hero to all business groups by creating data preparation pipelines that consistently feed these data-hungry colleagues with the information they need. During the process, make your job faster and easier.

Enrich Your Data With Smart Analytics

Our Smart Analytics module puts advanced machine learning analytics such as clustering, decision trees, and predictive behavior analytics at your fingertips. Enriching datasets with these advanced algorithms is as simple as point and click. Add analytic value to each dataset you deliver.

Avoid Chaos With Complete Governance

Advanced governance gives you the confidence to safely share and collaborate on datasets and analytics with the virtual business analyst team. Deep security, full encryption and masking keep all the information in your data lake protected and private.