Governance and Security

Datameer is designed to deliver the enterprise caliber features any organization comes to expect. We allow you to scale across lines-of-business, enable proper governance of your data assets, ensure your data is locked-down and secure, and deliver a continuous flow of data to your business teams.

Scale Your Data Pipelines in Any Dimension

Datameer Smart Execution wrote the book on scalability, providing a rich framework that lets you take advantage of all your available parallel processing power transparently, both on premise and in the cloud. It automatically optimizes execution without needing to program or script, letting your team work on what matters most – the data.

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Screen Quality

Avoid Chaos With Complete Governance

Datameer offers the proper blend of governance, sharing and democratization that ensures proper use of data, while enabling business analysts to work faster and more effectively with the data they need.

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The Ultimate in Data Security and Privacy

With authentication, authorization, obfuscation and encryption capabilities, Datameer’s robust security features ensure you can combat potential security issues and protect personally identifiable information, keeping you in full compliance. Masking big data is easy with secure hash, MD5 and randomization functions.

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Data Security

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

With ever increasing regulations on how you use data, you need to ensure complaince or face still fines. End-to-end data lineage and complete audit trails enable you to track and report exactly how your data is used and how calculations are performed to meet any regulatory requirement.

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Retention and Archiving

Automated Your Pipelines to Deliver Fresh Results

Integrated job scheduling and execution capabilities work to make sure your data pipelines run properly in a fast and efficient manner to continuously deliver new data and results to business analysts and teams.

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