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Datameer Personal lets you get started with your analysis on your laptop of PC right away. Install it and immediately begin to discover your data in the comfort of a common spreadsheet interface that features uncommonly powerful functionality. You'll be sharing your insights in no time and you can scale up when you’re ready.

Easy Excel-like Interface

Easy Excel-like Interface

Excel is the worlds best-selling analytic tool, used by millions of business analysts. Datameer’s familiar Excel-like spreadsheet interface makes any business analyst comfortable and immediately productive.

Know Your Data

Datameer’s unique “flipside” gives you a visual profile of your data every step of the analytic process. This helps you better understand what your data looks like at each phase allowing you to quickly identify irregularities and induce methods to ensure your data will deliver proper quality results.

Know Your Data
Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Datameer offers over 270 embedded analytic functions that you can apply to your data at the simple click of a mouse. These powerful functions help speed your data discovery process and open your eyes to insights you never new existed.

Rich Visualizations for Storytelling

Visualizing thousands of data points or understanding paths and relationships in big data is far different that your standard bar and pie charts. Datameer’s WYSIWYG Business Infographic Designer helps you tell the story of your data with eye-popping visualizations that make the insights obvious.

Rich Visualizations for Storytelling
No Hadoop Skills Needed

No Hadoop Skills Needed

Datameer Personal has an embedded Hadoop engine underneath the covers. You feel the power of Hadoop on your laptop or PC when you run your analysis but Datameer takes care of everything for you. You don’t need Hadoop skills to get value from big data.

Features and Capabilities

Datameer Personal

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Big Data Analytics For You!

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Data Integration
Connections,Imports,Data Links,File Uploads,Export to Tableau
Data Sources
Basic files,Databases,Web Services,HTTP(S),(S)FTP
Functions,Joins,Filter,Union,Data Profiling
Standard Visualization Library (no mobile,sharing or embedding)
Log monitoring,Email notifications
Plugin SDK not included