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Introducing Datameer

Self-Service Analytics Helping You Do More With Your Data

Datameer makes analytics easy for everyone — setting the bar for Modern BI platforms. The completely re-imagined analytic workflow and user experience makes analysis faster than ever and helps BI teams produce more results. Adding Spark as an execution engine adds even more speed, processing your data in record time. If you’re looking for speed and productivity, Datameer has it all.

An Analytics User Experience Built for How You Work

Datameer has completely re-invented and re-imagined the user experience for Data Discovery. Our new workflow speeds your time to insight by allowing you to move fluidly between different steps in your analytic cycle to rapidly iterate through the process. Experiment to your heart's delight and let the data show the way.

Spark Your Job Execution

We’ve put a Spark into Datameer and Smart Execution… literally. Datameer now includes support for Spark as a processing framework, giving Datameer Smart Execution another powerful engine to utilize and further speed your analytic processing. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to program for Spark. We hide the complexity for you, giving you the full power of Spark without the programming headaches.

Praise for Datameer

Understanding Differences in Spark Implementations

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