Big Data Visualization

Make Your Data Loud and Clear

You don’t need a dashboard—you need something that will grab attention, make your findings well-understood and win people over. Datameer goes beyond data visualization with full Business Infographics. It gives you the bold canvas your data deserves.

Big Data Visualization, Your Way

Communicating the results of your big data analyses is easy in Datameer’s self-service Business Infographic Designer. Unlike with traditional dashboards, Datameer provides you with dozens of chart and graph types, many specifically designed for big data. Take a blank HTML5 canvas and create beautiful infographics consumable on any device.


Annotate and Customize

Canned reports and dashboards simply won’t cut it in the big data world. Tie the infographics to the actual underlying data, so you can annotate and share. With special widgets for text boxes, embedded videos and more, you can customize, highlight or accentuate anything in an infographic or dashboard.

Sharing Is Caring

Great insights are meant to be shared so business teams can drive actions. Datameer makes sharing infographics easy and simple to configure access controls. From there, you can share them with unique links for in-browser review. You can even embed a Datameer infographic into your existing web applications or portals.

Data Discovery Needs Visualization

Working with multiple tools just slows you down. Datameer’s integrated preparation, analysis and visualization process helps you better understand what’s happening behind the results you’re producing and how to tell the story.

Work with Your Favorite Visualization Tools

We help you get more out of investments in Tableau or PowerBI. Analysts can integrate, prepare and analyze all of their complex data in Datameer, then send the results to their favorite tools to augment their traditional reporting and visual discovery capabilities.

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