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Big Data Visualization

You don’t need a dashboard; you need a billboard. Something that will grab people’s attention, pull them in, make your findings well-understood and win people over to your cause. That’s why Datameer doesn’t merely provide data visualization; it provides full Business Infographics. Because your own findings from your own data need the annotation, and the bold canvas that only a real infographic can provide.

Big Data Visualization, Your Way

Communicating the results of your big data analyses is easy in Datameer’s self-service Business Infographic Designer. Unlike traditional dashboards, Datameer’s Business Infographic Designer provides you with dozens of chart and graph types, as well as other widgets that you can simply drag and drop onto a blank HTML5 canvas to design beautiful infographics or reports that are consumable on any device.

Annotate and Customize

Forget copying and pasting your dashboard into PowerPoint, breaking that tie to the actual underlying data, just so you can annotate and share. With special widgets for text boxes, images, embedded videos and shapes, you can customize, highlight or accentuate anything in an infographic or dashboard.

Sharing is Caring

What good are insights if you can’t share them? Datameer makes sharing your infographics easy, and we make it simple to configure who can view and edit them. From there, you can share them with unique links for in-browser review. You can even embed a Datameer infographic into your existing web applications or portals.

Data Discovery Needs Visualization

Regardless of what you're trying to do – create data pipelines for analysts, discover answers or create new analysis for business users – you need sharp visualization. It helps you better understand what’s happening during the analysis, see the results you're producing and tell the story to business users and management.

Work with Your Favorite Tools

Analysts can integrate, prepare and analyze all of their structured and unstructured data in Datameer. They can also send the results to their favorite analysis and BI tools to augment their traditional reporting and visual discovery capabilities. Build data pipelines and export the results to Tableau (Desktop or Server), Microsoft Power BI or Excel.

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