Big Data Analytics

Enable any analytics, anywhere

Building an analysis is an agile process, not a linear one. Explore as you go, and let your data lead the way. Or, start with a question in mind and work toward the answer. Datameer makes it easy to find the data that matters for your analyses. Have another tool your analysts already rely on? Datameer can feed those, too.

Easy Point-and-Click Spreadsheet Analytics

Datameer includes more than 270 point-and-click analytic functions, allowing you to build everything from simple aggregations to the most complex analysis. Every analysis you build is a different view, so there’s no data duplication and processing is efficient.

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Visual Exploration Your Analysts Will Love

Visual Explorer brings your everyday business analysts to the data lake so they can explore and find the data they need for any analysis. The visual metaphor will give them a friendly environment and the unconstrained exploration will allow them to quickly drill into, across, up and down extremely large data sets.

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Discover Answers With Advanced Analytics

The real answers are often hidden deep inside your data, revealed only with more advanced analytics. Use Datameer for path, graph, time-series, text and sentiment analysis to discover key patterns and new trends.

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Enrich Your Data Algorithmically

Datameer’s Smart Analytics uses advanced algorithms to discover hidden patterns within your data. This lets you enrich your data with behavior groupings, relationships and even recommendations. Interactively experiment with different data combinations by dragging and dropping attributes until you find the answer you’re looking for.

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Go Faster, Automatically

Run your analysis on your entire big data set even faster with Smart Execution. Like a built-in optimizer, Smart Execution automatically selects the best execution framework or combination of frameworks based on your specific analyses, ensuring your data is processed in the most efficient manner, every single time.

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Plug-In More Advanced Functions

Datameer’s REST API and Plugin architecture lets you use outside tools and languages to create more advanced functions to process and analyze big data. Code additional functions in Java or R. Build models in SAS, SPSS or RapidMiner and plug them in via PMML.

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Integrate with Your Favorite BI Tool

Once you’ve prepared and refined data to your analytic needs, make it available for your analysts inside their favorite tools like Tableau and PowerBI, or send it to Hive or other data marts for more general access.

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