Product Overview

Unified Platform for the Entire Big Data Lifecycle

Datameer helps you produce and deliver more data assets to help business teams answer new business questions. Datameer’s agile platform covers the entire data lifecycle, including ingestion, preparation, exploration and consumption. This enables analysts to create and manage their own analytic data pipelines to drive faster, trusted data-driven insights anywhere.

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Get any Data in – Easily

Datameer makes it easy to ingest and integrate data with more than 70 sources and formats: structured, semi-structured and unstructured. You can directly upload data, or use our unique data links to pull data on demand. With robust sampling, parsing, scheduling and retention tools, our next-generation data integration helps users access the data they need.

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Data Preparation Done Right

Your data is complex, and Datameer gives you the most comprehensive set of data preparation functions to help you easily cleanse, blend and organize your data for analysis. And with Datameer’s visual exploration capabilities, you can generate preparation steps with the click of a button. See what’s happening with your data at every stage, and tailor your workflow accordingly.

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Visual Exploration at Any Scale

Visual Explorer is the world’s first solution to deliver truly interactive data exploration at scale. Its unique, schema-less architecture enables unconstrained exploration, letting your business analysts focus on what’s important and extract real value from the data.

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Avoid Chaos With Complete Governance

The world runs on data, and businesses are hungry for it. Our governance features let you easily manage access and permissions with your enterprise security method of choice. Lock down data and encrypt PII as needed, and keep track of all changes made. No chaos here, just more access for all.

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Ready to see Datameer in action?

Enable Innovative Analytics

Datameer enables analytics in the analysts’ tool of choice to empower BI users and create deep-learning pipelines. Whether in a third-party tool like Tableau or PowerBI, or, in Datameer’s spreadsheet, analysts will be able to find well-hidden answers buried deep in the data lake faster than ever.

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Operationalization Made Much Easier

The true value from big data insights comes from driving action through business teams. With data-driven triggers, data exports to downstream business systems, easy integration via a REST API and a Smart Execution engine that auto selects the optimal engine for performance, Datameer’s operationalization is your IT teams’ new best friend.

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