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Getting your data into Hadoop, for downstream prep and analysis, can be a formidable task. But Datameer gives you the data source connectivity and schema flexibility you need to make it easy. And it’s all part of our end-to-end data pipeline, avoiding the need to use a collection of stand-alone tools.

We love all your data, just like you do.

There are no second-class data sources.With 70+ connectors to the most common ones, and an SDK for those less-common, Datameer lets you load structured, semi-structured, and/or unstructured data from any source with ease.

Get your data, just the way you want it

Upload a single file, import an entire dataset, or link to a data source so new data is pulled in as frequently as you need it. Datameer loads all data in raw format directly into Hadoop. The data ingestion process is optimized and supported with robust sampling, parsing, scheduling and data retention tools that make it simple and efficient for any user to get the data they need quickly.

Managing Your Data

Datameer provides fully automated partitioning, compaction, compression and other services that can easily tame even your largest data sets. Incremental data loading can be configured with time- or data-driven triggers, or can connect with existing job scheduling and monitoring tools to ensure you’ve captured every record. Datameer’s fault-tolerance features include email alerts and detailed reports, and they filter out corrupt, dirty, and incomplete data, based on configurable thresholds.