Democratize data with strong yet flexible governance

Datameer enables data exploration across lines-of-business while ensuring proper governance of data assets. Know your data is always secure but also continuously flowing to your business teams.

Data Security and privacy

With authentication, authorization, obfuscation and encryption capabilities, Datameer’s robust security features ensure you can combat ptoential security issues and protect personally identifiable information, keeping you in full compliance. Masking big data is easy with secure hash, MD5 and randomization functions.

Advanced governance

Advanced governance offers fine-grained security with plug-in integration to enterprise access control in Active Directory and Kerberos. Built-in encryption and masking further secure the data, while data retention policies optimize data storage.

Ensure regulatory compliance

End-to-end data lineage and complete aduit trails enable you to track and report exactly how your data is used and how calculations are performed to meet any regulatory requirement.

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