Datameer integrates into the modern data ecosystem

Deploy via the cloud, hybrid, or on-premises


Natively integrates with AWS EMR for process, S3 for storage, and IAM roles for security.


Spin up a cluster in 30 minutes from the Azure marketplace that leverages Blob storage and utilizes Hortonworks HDI for processing.

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Deploy on Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Or natively leverage Hadoop for storage and process.

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Leverage an architecture designed for the enterprise


Leverage compute power on-premise or in the cloud. Datameer’s unique native-on-Hadoop architecture gives you the power of Hadoop while abstracting away the complexity, eliminating the need for complex programming and maintenance.


No need to move your data. Datameer processes your data natively in your Hadoop cluster so that you can scale out on large data sets. Don’t suffer the latency of having to move your data first.


No more coding.  Datameer’s architecture is designed to discover your schema on-the-fly allowing for quick integration of new data sets. Our easy spreadsheet-style transformations puts your data in the hands of analysts without writing any code.


Separation of storage and compute for cost savings in the cloud. Datameer enables dynamic elasticity with an architecture that separates storage from compute. Scale out jobs on large data sets. Compute power is then deallocated when the job is done to reduce cost.


Easily spin up new environments for workloads. Easily spin up new environments for workloads.  Meet every SLA. Instantaneously deploy new environments for new business and/or analytics initiatives. We deliver power and reliability needed for your most data intensive jobs. ‘


Democratize data with strong yet flexible governance. Leverage advanced governance with fine-grained security with plug-in integration to enterprise access control in LDAP, Active Directory, and Kerberos. Datameer also integrates into other user management systems.

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