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Empower the Business to Get to Insights Faster

  • Phil Power
  • BI Reporting Manager
  • Surfdome

"Fundamentally, the problem we were trying to solve was that our tech team had ownership of our data, whereas it made much more sense for our business team to have ownership of the data, the reports that they were making, and therefore the insights that they're producing."

Spelling Hadoop is the Hardest part

Datameer’s intuitive interface lets you skip over the complexities of Hadoop until you want to take them on. You get the fastest possible on-ramp, but the manual controls are there for when you’re ready. Business users get self-service big data discovery functionality while the power of HDFS, MapReduce and other execution engines is leveraged under the hood.

Bye-bye Rigid Schemas (Hello Governed Self-Service)

Empower your team to become invested in analytics, not intimidated by it. You don’t need elusive data scientists, costly DevOps, or multiple technical tools. With one integrated, self-service solution, you get rich data exploration, accessible to the whole team. Because Datameer is native on Hadoop, you can say goodbye to building cumbersome schemas and traditional ETL jobs. You set up access, establish governance policies, and the business can take it from there, with self-service data integration, preparation, analytics, and visualization. You can even export to external tools and databases. Everyone’s happy.

Fast... Everything

Deploy in hours. Ingest data in minutes. Prepare and shape it as you go. Transform instantly. Then let Datameer decide the fastest way to process the data, in-memory or batch, all without writing a single line of code. Better yet, our future-proof open architecture means we can easily incorporate new advances in the Hadoop ecosystem as the Big Data landscape continues to evolve. Fastest time to insight, period.

Protected at Every Step

Low risk, high reward, in more ways than one. Robust security and monitoring are built in, augmenting security functionality at the Hadoop layer. With enhanced authentication, authorization and encryption, Datameer ensures your data is protected at every step.

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