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Transform Your Business Into an Agile, Insights-Driven Organization

Intelligence is the Most Important Competitive Advantage of All

You’re already using reports to make decisions. Now it’s time to take things to the next level and become an agile, insights-driven organization. Learn how Surfdome is leveraging Datameer for easy access to data without burdening IT.

Get the Benefits of Big Data, Without the Bruises

Empower your team to become invested in analytics, not intimidated by it. You don’t need elusive data scientists, costly DevOps, or multiple technical tools. With one integrated, self-service solution, you get rich data exploration, accessible to the whole team.

Listen to Your Customers... and Your Logs

Data silos are a thing of the past. Combining customer interaction data cross-channel to detect patterns that you can act on is a breeze. And you can combine machine-, log- and sensor-generated data for insights that dramatically improve your product and/or operations, with ease.

There’s a Template for That

Datameer lets your business analysts dive into their data if that’s what they desire, but it doesn’t just throw them into the big data deep end. Datameer comes with dozens of pre-built analytical templates to get you over the finish line faster, time and again. And every template is fully customizable and extensible, since no two businesses’ data needs are identical.

Big Data Analytics Buyers Guide

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Top 5 High-Impact Big Data Use Cases

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