Deliver trusted datasets anywhere

Feed any analytics initiative whether its further discovery, reporting, or machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence initiatives. Simply follow a wizard-led export process to deliver your data to existing BI tools, data warehouses or analytics solutions.

Build and operationalize “data pipelines”

No more ETL. Use our no-code interface to not just rapidly build analytic pipelines over the largest volumes of data. Automate incremental data imports from your databases. Automate the transformation of single data sets or a series of connected data sets. Ship the data to your data warehouse or BI and data science tools. Build hundreds of these “data pipelines” in an environment that gives IT the governance and oversight they need.

Schedule delivery of data

Datameer makes it easy for data analysts to schedule the data pipeline (integration, transformation, export) with our robust job scheduling and monitoring features.  Use Datameer’s REST API or internal scheduler to have your data flowing on an ongoing basis–hourly, daily, or weekly schedules.

Key features

Self-service pipelines to any BI or data science initiative
No ETL “data pipelines”
70+ data connectors
Wizard-led data export
Automation through the REST API
Custom Connections and Import Formats via Java SDK

“Datameer helps us see the data, interact with it, and have those cycles be much faster.”

Brandon Bunker

Sr. Dr. Customer Analytics & Intelligence, Vivint

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