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Datameer University

Datameer University is an online learning library built to teach you big data analytics concepts, simplified via the Datameer platform. Come learn about Hadoop, data integration, preparation, analytics and visualization!

Datameer University Learn on your own schedule

Learn On Your Own Schedule

We know you’re busy. At Datameer University, you can watch short videos, engage in interactive quizzes and labs and follow along with multi-level analytics projects — all at your own pace.

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Datameer University

Courses That Apply To You

Choose from course categories that apply to your interests. Datameer University organizes courses so that users can separate between Administrator- and Analyst-relevant material. Courses are then categorized by area of study so you can spend your time wisely.

Datameer University Certifications

Achieve Your Goals

When you complete a course, you receive recognition for your accomplishment with a badge or applicable certificate. Each course will automatically track compliance so you can easily manage your certifications and keep up to date with the latest requirements.

Datameer Certified Programs

Datameer Certification Programs

The Datameer Certification Programs enable you as either a Datameer analyst or administrator, with no prior experience required. Choose from Instructor-led Certification training via a bimonthly webinar series or self-paced online courses. Datameer University offers you, the learner, the option that fits your life best!